For the past few months, we’ve done a sort of soft opening for the blog. Now that we’ve all graduated and are getting into the grooves of our personal writing routines, we’ve come up with a schedule for when we will each contribute. This schedule will begin in January 2014, and you should expect us to stick to this, barring anything unforeseen (a Cormac McCarthy-type apocalypse, incidents involving bats [both the animal and baseball varieties], alien encounters, etc.).  We’ll have something new each week, but only certain days of the week. Contributors will rotate on a biweekly basis.

Here’s our schedule:

Weeks 1 and 3 of the month:

  • Mondays: Rick Brown
  • Wednesdays: Kelly Morris

Weeks 2 and 4 of the month:

  • Tuesdays: Julia Blake
  • Thursdays: David Domine

It is our ultimate goal each week on Fridays to have guest contributors.

Hopefully this helps lay out a more specific concept of how we will approach our posts, since we’ve just been posting as we’ve been so moved in the past. As always, feel free to comment below!


Julia Blake